How long can I store my belongings for?

You can store your belongings for as short as 1 hour up to 90 calendar days. For long-term rentals, contact us.

Do I have to make my reservation over the internet?

Not necessarily, we give you the opportunity to book online having instant confirmation, but you can also book by email or in person on the spot. We just suggest booking online to avoid finding us fully-booked when you arrive. The online booking process will only take 1 minute and our website is fully adapted to mobile phones (smartphones) and tablets.

Do I need to book in advance?

Not necessarily, but why not? J Booking in advance will give you relief and you don’t have to pay anything until you pick up your belongings! If you are the last minute type, greetings to the team J you will be more than welcome too.

It seems easy and convenient, but is it secure?

Yes, totally. LuggageSafe storages are video monitored 24h a day. In addition to this we work with Generali insurance company to make sure that safety and warranty is part of our premises to you.

Is my luggage insured?

LuggageSafe has signed an insurance contract with Generali Insurance Company in favour of the users. In the unlikely event that your baggage is stolen or damaged, the policy covers losses for damage and/or theft up to HUF300.000 per big luggage (20 Kg type or bigger) and HUF 150.000 per small luggage (10 Kg type or similar). Please note that a police report must be submitted. We recommend not to store items exceeding this value.

This insurance does not cover the loss of money, jewellery, precious stones or metals, watches, plasma screens and in general technological items (LCD, GPS navigators, cell phones, computers, tablets), art objects, antiques, memory cards or any other medium that contains data or images.

Keep in mind that your travel documents as well as personal documents (passport, driver's license, etc.) are stored at your own risk and responsibility.